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Legislation may require some health and safety measures be taken as improvements are being implemented. These measures could limit the effectiveness of the service improvements.

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Q: How service improvements might be limited by legislation?
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The first document that limited the governments power?

article of confederation it might be wrong but you can research it

How does the civil service system improve the quality of government?

The advantages of the civil service system was that getting a job in office was not determined by heredity. That is to say: If your dad was the king, and you were a bad ruler, you might be kicked out of power by someone who can actually rule if a civil service system was in place.

Why is it that people is a element of state?

The people are not an element of the state rather, the state is an element of the people. Governments do not preexist people, it was people who created governments and the notion of state. It bares repeating. The state did not create the people, the people create the state. Elements of the state are the branches, or columns or estates established to create legislation and enforce and be judicious over such legislation. No matter who it is that rules or governs, no matter where one might live, it is an axiom worth remembering that the people are the holders of the original political power.

Why are several of the abstract nouns in the constitution capitalized?

The original hand written document does have some non-standard capitalization, not limited to abstract nouns. We can only imagine that the actual writer or perhaps with the input of the authors used capitalization where we might use bold to emphasize.

If the expansion of presidential power has occured because of political events and has been fostered by public opinoon under what circumstances might presidential power be limited?

The same circumstances could limit the power as well. The people just need to take back the power from those in charge.

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How business service improvements might be limited by legislation?

Legislation may require some health and safety measures be taken as improvements are being implemented. These measures could limit the effectiveness of the service improvements.

What are some of the areas in community service organisations on which legislation regulations and statutes might impact?

Staff qualifications , social justice , staff training

What kind of warranty does this have?

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provide 3 examples where legislation might impact your role as a worker in a community service orginisation?

My sexual orientation, my specific gender healthcare being taken away as a right, and my views on religion

What legislation is needed for a rabbit hutch?

Legislation? This question is unclear. See the related questions below for info that might answer your question.

How might improvements in technology for producing a given energy resource affect its net energy?

It improves energy conversions

How might the power of executive be further limited?

By laws

2009 v6 mustang top speed?

Electronically limited to around 110-113MPH. After those speeds the stock driveshaft might get a little screwy and shatter. Although if you took the governor off I've heard they will do 130-140mph! With a new Driveshaft, Coldair intake and a Tuner you should also see improvements.

How does legislation feel about the Patient Self Determination Act?

legislation does not feel - it is inanimate the legistlation might be a good idea (where it is based I do not know) but it sounds as though it gives authority to the patient over what happens to them.

Might be defined as people living in a section of a country interested only in how legislation affects their section?


Does being a personal trainer effect the global economy?

Considering that decisions of the United States Congress or President have a limited global economic effect, your direct actions as a personal trainer are probably limited in terms of commerce. However, should you be the one to insure the fitness of a certain world leader, who then moves on to pass legislation pertaining to international trade tariffs, then yes, you might affect the global economy.

Is The Bible copywrited?

Who would have the rights if it was?