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The government people who resist injustice fair. They lot a lot of stuff go.

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Q: How the government treats those who resist injustice?
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Which of the five purposes of government describes a society's use of military force to resist the armies of those who are in a position to threaten it?


Which of the five purposes of the government describe the societies use of military force to resist the armies of those who are in a position to threatening?


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Thoreau compares the government to a machine or tool that can be used for good or ill by those in power. He emphasizes that individuals have a responsibility to resist unjust laws and actions of the government.

Which of the five purposes of government describes a societys use of military force to resist the armies of those who are you position to threaten it?

The purpose of government that describes a society's use of military force to resist threats is the purpose of national defense. This involves protecting the nation's sovereignty and its citizens from external aggression or potential harm.

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