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The ruling opened the door for anything that held serious political, artistic, literary, orscientific value. In other words, just about anything goes when it comes to the definition of "obscenity." Essentially, someone, somewhere, will find value in the "art" work. Search the web for a view of "PissChrist" - you'll find the most blasphemous, disgusting representation of Jesus ever crafted, and yet, under Miller, this is completely acceptable, though not illegal. A generous debate upon government censorship, and its role within the private sector is certainly in order. Once again, we Americans are faced with rights in conflict - your right to free expression vs my right to be free from your expressions.

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Many decisions have for the good. Brown v Board of Education gave African American children equal education by intergration. Rulings using the 14th amendment concerning reasonable doubt and rulings on the 4th and 5th amendment concerning the exclusionary clause in Mapp v Ohio. Voting is another area and the reading of rights when arrested are other rulings.

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Q: How the ruling of Miller v California affected our civil liberties?
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