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The New Deal introduced a bevy of social programs never imagined by former presidents. The catch was that the programs were opportunities to work, not to simply collect.

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All of the polices of the New Deal were thought to give the government too much control and some of them were named unconstitutional.

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Q: How was the new deal a radical departure from previous government departure?
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Which New Deal was the most radical?

The "First New Deal" was most radical because a lot of the policies gave government too much control and were named unconstitutional.

Was FDR new deal radical?

yes it was

Most radical new deal program?

The Wagner Act

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Was President Roosevelt New deal an example of an active government or laissez-faire?

The New Deal was active government.

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Why did political support for New Deal reforms decline?

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How did new deal change the relationship between people and government?

what is the New Deal

Why wasn't there a radical revolution in the US when it's economy failed in the late 20's and its government apparently could not deal with the disaster?

Once FDR proposed the idea of the New Deal, people begun to have hope that the economy would soon improve, ending the Great Depression. There was no uprising or revolution because the people were led to believe that the New Deal would bring them out of the Great Depression, and they had faith that everything would improve.

Was the new deal conservative or liberal?

The 'New Deal,' a series of widespread federal (and some state) programs and initiatives during the 1930s, was indeed 'liberal.' As distinct from 'conservative' understandings of the responsibilities and privileges of federal government, the 'liberal' New Deal greatly expanded the role of federal government relative to its previous role in American economics and social planning. Fundamentally, it conceived of the federal government as responsible for ensuring in-state stability and prosperity in domestic affairs.

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