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If an incumbent president is seeking a second term in office, his or her party is likely to nominate the president in question. In the U.S., presidents can serve two, 4-year terms.

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Q: If an incumbant president is seeking another term in office who will his party likely nominate?
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What incumbant president suffered the worst defeat in seeking re-election as chief executive?

Jimmy Carter

If an incumbent president is seeking another term in office who will his party likley nominate?

If an incumbent president is willing and qualified to run for reelection, his party does not contest his nomination, most likely because of the message that would be interpreted if the party does not support its incumbent president. However, that was not always the case. Before the Civil War, several incumbent presidents, including Franklin Pierce in 1856, sought but did not receive their parties' nominations for president.

An elected official that is already in office and likely to win re-election?

The person who is in office and seeking re-election is the incumbant electee. If he is likely to get re-elected, he is called a shoo-in.

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Which president established a custom of not seeking a third term?

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Is the practices of presidents seeking the approval of certain senators before submitting a nominee for a federal judgeship to the Senate as a whole.?

The Constitution demands that the Executive branch nominate the members of the Judiciary with the advice and consent of the Senate.

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