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Q: In Which form of government does the top elected official not propose new laws?
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What type of government is it when a new president wins the election with over 90 percent of votes?

The same type it was before, the count of votes for an elected official does not change the form of government.

A republic is a form of government that?

by elected representatives

A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives?

A government run by elected representatives is called a republican form of government.

The executive is elected by the people in which form of government?


A form of government run by elected officials?


What is the form of the government tajikistan?

A republic, ruled by an elected President.

What is to form of government in which leaders are elected to represent the voters?


Is governor a noun or verb?

The word governor is a noun, a singular, common noun; a word for an elected government official; a word for a person. The verb form is to govern (governs, governing, governed).

Which form of government is better and why?

democratic government, that is because the leader will be elected by the people and people will be happy then

What form of government run by elected leaders?

Provided the leaders are elected in free and open election in which all the adult citizens of a country can participate, the government is a Democracy. However where there is no universal election of leaders by ALL the people (eg China) the government is a Dictatorship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The form of government in which "the power belongs to the people" is called a Democracy. It is a political form of government carried out either directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people, as if the people and the elected person were one.

Form of government that uses elected officials to represent citizens of a large country began in rome this form of government is called a?


Is oligarchy a form of government in which people are elected to represent the public?