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In one of the early chibcha rituals the tribal leader is covered with what kind of dust

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Q: In one of the early Chibcha rituals the tribal leader is covered with what kind of dust?
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What Name for Maori tribal leader?

the name of the Maori tribal leader was Rangatira.

Who did war dance?

Tribal peoples from around the world have "war dance" rituals.

Who is the Mohicans Tribal leader?

Ashlyn Roy

What is a bedouin tribal leader called?


What is a tribal leader?

A tribal leader is called a chief. Some tribes choose to have multiple male leaders, in this case the leaders are often called kings.

What type of government did the Kiowa have?

They have a tribal leader/government

Who was Dent's Celtic tribal leader?

Hengist I believe.

What is a tribe leader?

A traditional tribal chief is the leader of a tribe, or the head of a tribal form of self-government. more info:

How did the religious African tribal leader help people?

The religious African tribal leader helped people by acting as a spiritual guide, providing advice and guidance based on traditional beliefs and customs. They often performed rituals and ceremonies to bring the community together and maintain harmony with the spirit world. Their leadership helped foster a sense of unity and connection among tribe members.

Who was wampanoag Indian leader tribal name Metacomet?

King Philip

Did only men become Sioux tribal leaders?

yes only Sioux men became tribal leaders. they became tribal leaders because they had to do a lot of brave deeds and earn a lot of feathers to become a tribal leader.

How did the triangular trade affect the African tribal leaders?

If that tribal leader had battle prisoners that he wanted to get rid of then he could sell them to the Europeans for money