Who are tribal people?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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tribal people are those people who live in forest in a community in a traditional manner. it means of a group of linked or related families.

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Q: Who are tribal people?
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What is the livelihood of tribal people?

tribal people livelihood is nothing...

How do rainforest's support tribal people?

It provides food and medcines for the tribal people.

What are the tribal people called in Pirates of the Caribbean 2?

The tribal people are named the Pelegostos. This is fictional

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What are the tribal and rural life affected by jib corbett national park?

tribal life is affected by the people who beat them up and who throw garbage in the park next to the homes of the tribal people AND smoking

What is the effect of deforestation on tribal people?


What is the tribal name of the local indigenous people?

There is no single tribal name for the indigenous people of Australia, as there were around 600 different tribal groups in Australia prior to European settlement.As a group, the proper name for the indigenous people is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Why did the Anasazi people do tribal dances?

they felt like it.

What did the British describe the tribal people as?

Manmohan Singh.

What group of people serve the tribal assembly?

the plebeians

What group of people served in the tribal assembly.?

the plebeians