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Yes. George Reynolds was originally sentenced to two years prison with hard labor, and fined $500. He entered prison in June 1876, before the US Supreme Court heard his case.

After the Supreme Court affirmed the lower court decision and upheld Reynolds' conviction and sentence under the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act, they realized the law under which Reynolds was sentenced provided for a maximum of five years in prison, but did not prescribe hard labor. The Court took the unusual action of amending their earlier ruling, vacating Reynolds' sentence, and remanding the case to the lower court for resentencing in accordance with law.

The lower court removed the "hard labor" provision, but increased Reynolds' sentence from two to five years.

After being resentenced, Reynolds was moved from a local jail to the Nebraska State Prison in Lincoln, where he remained for only 25 days. The government then transferred him to a Utah prison, where he served the remainder of his sentence. He was released on January 20, 1881, five months early for good behavior.

Reynolds remained committed to his belief in polygamy, and married his third, and final wife, Mary Goold, on April 25, 1885. He was not charged with subsequent violations of the anti-bigamy law, however.

Case Citation:

Reynolds v. United States, 98 US 145 (1878)

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Q: In the case Reynolds v. US did George Reynolds go to jail?
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