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this type of government is called a Dictatorship

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Q: In this type of government in which one person has control over all government branches?
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Who rules an dictatorship government?

A dictatorship is a form of government in which one person (the dictator) has total executive power and total control over the legislative and judicial branches.

Each branch of government has a way to exercise some control over the branches according to the principle of?

Checks and balances.

Why is a scale used to represent the separation of power among the three branches of government?

Because it shows how equal all branches are. Even though they have control over each other

What is The ability of a government to exert control over a person or corporation called?


Do the separation of powers provide some branches of government with complete control over the other branches?

No it does not, that is why there is a separation of powers this makes a balance and doesn't allow one to have more power than the other.

Why is the federal government divided into separates branches?

The federal government is divided into the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches to limit its power. Each branch has some measure of control over the other two, keeping any individual or group for exercising absolute power over the United States.

Is it correct grammar to say government's control over the capital are ceased?

The government's control over the capital has beenceased.The government's control over the capital wasceased.The government's control over the capital will beceased.

Why it was so important to determine who would be in control of Reconstruction plans between the executive and legislative branches of government?

It was important because they wanted to have control over the country they thought who ever was chosen itbe the ultimate authority we could say.

What is the role of citizens in totalitarian government?

Answer this question…To accept the control of the government over their lives

Why is it important that the branches of government can check each others powers?

To the principle of separation of powers the Constitution contains the system of checks and balances. Each branch of the government exercises some control over the other branches. The purpose is to prevent any one branch or person from becoming too powerful in the federal government. The system, while preventing the concentration of power, also creates a system of shared powers between the branches.

One person or group of people taking control over a territory is the?

force theory of government.

What control does the President have over the Marines verse the Army?

as commander in chief he has equal control over both branches