Inaugural speech length

Updated: 4/28/2022
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From a few minutes to a few hours. William Henry Harrison delivered the longest address lasting an hour-and-forty-five-minutes. George Washington's second address was 135 words, about 4 minutes.

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Q: Inaugural speech length
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What is inaugural speech?

An inaugural speech is one given by the president. It is a speech that he uses to introduce himself and the plans for the country.

What is an inaugural speech?

A speech by the president on his or her first day of office

Is the presidents inaugural speech in the public domain?

In a word: Yes... Of course, which president's inaugural speech being quoted should be named...

What does the term inaugural speech means?

An inaugural speech is a speech given on the day that someone is sworn in to office, such as a president or mayor. Being sworn in also called an inauguration.

Why is there an inaugural speech?

So he can tell what he will do for the country.

What explains what an inaugural speech is?

A speech the president makes when sworn into office. (apex)

What is the speech that the president gives when he becomes president called?

This is called the Inaugural Address, and historically has set the tone for the policies of the individual president.

What is a one word substitute for a person's first speech?

In politics, the expression is "maiden speech." However, the more general term is "inaugural."

Who gave a inaugural speech in the coldest wheather?


What speech is given annualy by the president?

IT is the inaugural presentation.

Can you get obamas inaugural ceremony speech?

yup, google it.. there it is.

Which US President made the shortest inaugural speech?

That was George Washington's second inaugural speech in 1793. Click on the "Second George Washington Inaugural Speech" link below to read it. George Washington's 2nd inaugural address was the shortest in history.