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Superfood supreme by GNC is an ok product, but I have found a much better product loaded with 15 of today's top superfoods: Acai,Amalaki,Barley Grass,Blue/Green Algae,CamuCamu, Chlorella,DURIAN,Goji,Limu,Mangosteen,Maqui,Moringa,Noni,

Pomegranate,and Vitamin D3. The product comes in capsules, but you can empty the capsules in water and drink it also.

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Q: Is GNC superfood supreme good
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Is the acai berry found in the GNC stores?

Yes. But GNC does not promote Acai for weight loss. That is misinformation that is spreading over the internet. Acai is a good source of antioxidants, a "superfood"..... period. Dr. Oz and Oprah have never endorsed Acai for weight loss. Just so you know.

Is spiralina as good as eating vegetables?

Yes, spiralina can be as good as eating vegetables. It has a lot of nutrients and is known as a superfood.

Is peanut butter a superfood?

if you mean super as in superman then no ,, not a super food ,, but it got protein in it soo it is good for yah

Should I get weight loss supplements from GNC?

My advice would be to shop elsewhere. GNC has good products, but they're somewhat notorious for having high prices.

What is 925 GNC What does it mean on jewelry?

Q: What is 925 GNC What does it mean on jewelry? Write your answer...

When was GNC-Alfa created?

GNC-Alfa was created in 2007.

What is the definition of superfood?

The word "superfood" is a term used to describe food considered to have very high amounts of phytonutrient and high amounts of nutrients that has many health benefits.

GNC manager salary?

A GNC manager makes around 59,000 dollars a year. GNC managers usually have smaller stores and are often alone on their shifts.

Can you buy Decaslim from GNC or Vitamin World?

No, you cannot buy it from either GNC or Vitamin World.

Where can I find some printable gnc coupons?

All you need to do is go to GNC websites or GNC stores and signup for newsletters and receive coupons whether they are printable or coupons that are in flyers.

What are the benefits of green super food powder ?

Benefits of Green Superfood Powders. When you have the right green superfood powder, you will benefit from using it in many ways. Here are my top 11 benefits of green superfood powders. 1- More Energy. The abundance of minerals and vitamins in green powders will boost your energy. Fatigue is often caused by nutritional deficiencies

Are vitamins cheaper from Vitacost over GNC?

Vitacost is a vitamin and supplement provider. As is GNC provides similar products as well. However, Vitacost has better prices at cheaper rates then GNC does.