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Q: Is Guy Verhofstadt elected to the office?
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What is the birth name of Guy Verhofstadt?

Guy Verhofstadt's birth name is Guy Maurice Marie-Louise Verhofstadt.

What is Guy Verhofstadt's birthday?

Guy Verhofstadt was born on April 11, 1953.

How old is Guy Verhofstadt?

Guy Verhofstadt is 58 years old (birthdate: April 11, 1953).

During what time period was Guy Verhofstadt in power?

Guy Verhofstadt (Guy Maurice Marie Louise Verhofstadt) was the 47th Prime Minister of Belgium from July 12, 1999 until March 20, 2008. He is the incumbent leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe or the ALDE.

How long was Guy Verhofstadt prime minister in Belgium?

Guy Verhofstadt was the prime minister of Belgium from 1999 July 12 to 2008 March 20, nearly 9 years.

When was Verhofstadt I Government created?

Verhofstadt I Government was created in 1999.

When did Verhofstadt I Government end?

Verhofstadt I Government ended in 2003.

When was Dirk Verhofstadt born?

Dirk Verhofstadt was born in 1955.

When did Verhofstadt II Government end?

Verhofstadt II Government ended in 2007.

When was Verhofstadt II Government created?

Verhofstadt II Government was created in 2003.

When was Verhofstadt III Government created?

Verhofstadt III Government was created in 2007.

When did Verhofstadt III Government end?

Verhofstadt III Government ended in 2008.