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Deficiency Judgments Deficiency judgments are permitted in New Jersey. A lawsuit for a deficiency must be commenced within three months from the date of the foreclosure sale, or confirmation of the sale if confirmation was required. Although the deficiency suit is a separate lawsuit, it can only be brought against a person who was joined to the foreclosure lawsuit and who is personally responsible for the mortgage debt. Such a person must be served with the process. On a note that is dated on or after May 1,1980, the debtor may dispute the deficiency by introducing evidence of the fair market value of the mortgaged premises at the time of the foreclosure sale. The deficiency is limited to the difference between the fair market value of the premises and the balance due on the loan. However, a borrower should object to the foreclosure sale price prior to the confirmation of the sale. The failure to do so may set the borrower up for a larger deficiency. However, some New Jersey courts are refusing to confirm the foreclosure sale unless the lender agrees, as part of the confirmation, not to sue the borrower for a deficiency greater than the difference between the fair market value and the balance owed on the loan.

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Q: Is New Jersey a deficiency judgment state?
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