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Normandy is in France, Europe. Site of the D Day landings June 6th 1944.

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Q: Is Normandy orD-Day located in the Pacific or European theater?
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What were the two fronts the US fought on in World War 2?

In WW2, the US fought on two major fronts, the Pacific and the European fronts. The European front can be further divided into Europe proper and North Africa where the Americans faced off briefly with the Vichy French. The Pacific front stretched for thousands of miles. In Europe, the Americans' main thrust was through France and Italy.

The 2 main generals in the pacific theater?

Admiral Chester Nimitz was commander of the American fleet in the Pacific and the western thrust that was used in the theater. General Douglas MacArthur was the army commander in the Pacific theater and lead the central thrust twords Japan in the Pacific front.

Commander of pacific ground troops?

There were two. Admiral Chester Nimitz, based in Hawaii, commanded the Central Pacific, and also the US Pacific Fleet. Army General Douglas MacArthur, initially based in Australia after escaping from the Philippines, commanded the Southwest Pacific . There was also a China-Burma-India Theater of Operations in the war against Japan.

What was Dwight D Eisenhower's main contribution in World War 2?

He was the Supreme Commander of all Allied military forces in Europe.AnswerDwight Eisenhower was an important general in WWII. He was the Supreme Commander of Allied (anti-German) forces in the lead up to D-Day and in the actual landings in Normandy. He was also in Command of Allied forces at the Battle of the Bulge.

What was the name of the theatre that Abraham Lincoln was shot?

the name of the theater where he was assassinated was Ford's Theater. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865

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What is the different between the pacific theater and the European theater?

in the European theater we fought the Germans in the pacific theater we fought the Japanese

Was JFK in the Normandy invasion?

No, he served in the Pacific theater of war................

What are the similarities fighting in the pacific theater and the European theater?


What were the 2 Theaters of World War 2?

The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

How did the Pacific Theater get its name?

A theater is a region of combat. The Pacific Theater (or Pacific Campaign) gets its name from the region it took place in, in much the same way that the European Theater dealt with battles in Italy, France, and Germany.

Was eisenhower the american general of the pacific during world war 2?

No. he was in charge of the European theater in WW2. MacArthur was in charge of the Pacific theater.

How did the pacific theater battles end and how did the European theater battles end?

the enemy in both theaters lost...........................

What were two theatres of world war 2?

Two theaters of WW2 were the European theater and the Pacific theater.

Who were the supreme allied commanders in the european amd pacific theaters?

The Supreme Allied Commander of the European theater was General Dwight D Eisenhower. The Supreme Allied Commander of the Pacific theater was General Douglas MacArthur.

What is German theater?

ETO (European Theater of Operations); PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations); CBI (China, Burma, India Theater of Operations) during WWII.

Theatres of War in world war?

The Pacific Theater, where the US fought Japan and the European theater the war, the war with European countries in the second world war

Did the Allies focus on the European Theater of Operations?

It took priority over the Pacific.