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Sort of, right wing refers to people with Conservative views and left wing refers to people with Liberal views.

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Q: Is a wing apart of the political party?
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What political party is associated with the right wing?

From the center of the political spectrum to the extreme right-wing you have the Republican Party, Conservativism, Libertarianism, Fascism, and the Nazi Party.

Social Democratic Party?

A left-wing political party; the popular party in Germany in the 1920s

What political party is associated with the left wing?

The political party associated with the left wing is typically the Democratic Party in the United States. They generally support policies that are more progressive and focus on social justice and equality.

Which of the political parties is the most right wing?

the communist Party

Political party that fell apart after election of 1852?

Whig party

Which of following political parties is the most right -wing?

the communist Party

What is the main right wing Australian political party?

The main right wing parties in Australian politics are Family First Party (FFP), Liberal Party of Australia (Lib) and the National Party of Australia (Nat).

What two political parties dominate the U.S. political landscape?

The US political party system, for most of its history, has had a two party system. Most is a key word here. Bringing the question to today's US party system, the Democratic and Republican parties dominate the US. With that said, it should be noted that within each party are various "wings". Meaning in the Democratic Party for example purposes, there is a left wing of the party and a moderate wing and a conservative wing. This is true for the Republican party as well.

Political party that fell apart and disappeared after losing the election of 1852?

Whig Party

What political party fell apart during the kansas-nebraska act?

The Whig Party

Is the republican party the same as the British labor party?

No, the Labour Party is the dominant left-wing party of the United Kingdom. The dominant right-wing party is the Conservative Party - but their political stance is probably closer to the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. European countries tend to be more left-wing than the US.

What political party is Raj Thackeray head of in India?

The political party that Raj Thackeray (known as Swar-raj Shrikant Thackeray) is head of the right-wing Marathi ethnocentric regional political party in India.