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The classic diagram of political ideologies places liberals to the left and conservatives to the right, so "left-wing" refers to liberals.

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Yes liberal is left

and conservative is right

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Q: Is the left wing the liberal party?
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What party is usually desribed with the terms liberal and left wing?

In the United States; the Democrat Party. In other countries 'liberal' and 'left wing' do not necessarily describe the same party.

How did Canada end up with a right-wing prime minister?

The left wing Liberal party was embeddled in scandals and the Conservative Party ran on ethics.

Is a wing apart of the political party?

Sort of, right wing refers to people with Conservative views and left wing refers to people with Liberal views.

Is Nancy Pelosi a liberal-left wing democrat?

She is a very left wing liberal democrat.

When was Liberal Left Party created?

Liberal Left Party was created in 1909.

When did Liberal Left Party end?

Liberal Left Party ended in 1945.

What is left wing dictatorship?

My guess would be that a left wing dictatorship is a dictator that is liberal.

Which political groups are on the left?

Left or left-wing are a few of the many terms that are used when a group is described as "left" or "liberal" in American thought and politics. Such groups favor changing the political and social order in the nation and creating a more equal distribution of wealth and privilege. Such groups can range from the Communist Party to the Democratic Party. There are groups in economics as well as politics. There are left-wing environmental groups and left-wing religious groups. To name all the groups might be impossible. Wikipedia has several articles dealing with liberal or left-wing organizations.

Are liberals leftist?

Yes, certainly in the US. In the UK, the Liberal Democrat Party tends to be more in the centre, while the Labour Party is more solidly left wing.

What are the principles of right and left political parties and which are socialists and which are democrats?

Using the words and terms particular to Canada here is the breakdown of the three main national parties: Conservative Party - right wing Liberal Party - left wing New Democratic Party - socialist (this term is not used) or labour

Which wing of the political spectrum is more liberal?


What is left wing bias?

Liberal bias, or "Democratic".