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Personally, I believe that if you on control unemployment, inflation will automatically fluxuate depending on the unemployment rate . However everyone has their own opinion.

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Q: Is controlling inflasion more important than controlling unemployment?
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Is unemployment an important economic term?

Absolutely, unemployment plays a critical role in national economics. It affects the economy as much, or more, than any other element in the economic formulae

Is this statement Inflation is more harmful to the economy than unemployment a positive statement?

equality is more important than efficiency. Is that a positive or normative statement?

What is the difference between open unemployment and disguised unemployment?

In open unemployment it is easy to recognize but in disguised unemployment its difficult to recognize. Open unemployment offers no wages but disguised employment offers salaries .Open unemployment is more harmful in industries and disguised unemploymentare more harmful to the nation.

Which type of unemployment is there more of in India?

Educated unemployment is mostly found in INDIA. This unemployment is because of high population rate.

Which pays more unemployment or disability?

Which pays more regarding unemployment or disability depends on how much money you were making at your previous job. If you were making a lot of money, then unemployment is likely to pay more.

What are Recommendations of unemployment?

get more education

What is the result of a recession on unemployment compensation?

A recession can bring an increase of unemployed workers. This results in more unemployment compensation claims being filed and paid, meaning more people are collecting unemployment benefits.

What are things made in Ohio?

Unemployment - a little steel - some amish cheese - gm's cruze and more unemployment.

Will I be able to apply for unemployment online if I am terminated?

More states are allowing people to fill out their unemployment forms online. Check with your local unemployment office before filing a claim.

What was the unemployment rate in 1910?

The unemployment rate in 1910 was approximately 6%. See the Related Link below for more information.

What are three things made in Ohio?

Unemployment - a little steel - some amish cheese - gm's cruze and more unemployment.

How has unemployment changed working people's lives in Los Angeles?

It changed people life because unemployment make people poor . More unemployment increase the homeless . Which is really bad for the society . unemployment also increase the economic problems .