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Q: Is the General Assembly state or federal government?
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What level of government is the general assembly?


Who is the general assembly for Tennessee?

The Tennessee General Assembly is the legislative branch of the Tennessee government. The Tennessee General Assembly has 33 members in the state Senate and 99 representatives in the state's House of Representatives.

Which is an example of a state government body?

Virginia General Assembly

Ohio general assembly is which branch of government?

The legislative branch of the Ohio State government.

Name of the Body of Georgia's government?

The Georgia State General Assembly.

What is the legislative branch of Tennessee's state government called?

general assembly

What is the job of the Virginia General Assembly?

They are the legislative branch of the state government. They pass laws, establish funding for the state government.

Which body of state of government most resembles the us congress?

general assembly

What is the power Missouri citizens can approve or reject acts of the General Assembly?

It is actually the General Assembly that is used by Missouri citizens to override or reject acts of their state government. The General Assembly is like the United States Supreme court with only state power.

How is the general assembly different from the US congress?

Congress is for the entire U.S., while the VA General Assembly is for only one state. The VA General Assembly oversees the state budget while Cogress oversees the federal budget The VA General Assembly meets annually, while Congress meets throughout the year The VA General Assembly redistricts the state’s congressional and state legislative districts, while Congress does not

What is the main difference between the state legislative branch and the federal legislative branch?

I'm not sure if it depends on the state, but the Illinois state legislative has the General Assembly while the Federal legislative has Congress

Which part of the federal government is most like the new york state assembly?

The most similar part of the federal government to the New York State Assembly would be the United States House of Representatives. Both bodies are legislative chambers responsible for crafting and passing laws at their respective levels of government.