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  1. Washington D.C.
  2. Washington state
  3. the Washington Monument
  4. George Washington University
  5. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
  6. various grade schools around the country
  7. streets in various cities around the country
  8. etc.
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Washington DC

Washington state

Washington, PA

and on and on and on.

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Washington State and Washington D.C

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the washington brige

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Q: Is there anything called after George Washington?
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Who has been called the fathr of our country?

George Washington

Did George Washington struggled anything to accomplish?


Did George Washington do anything against the Constitution?

George Washington did not do anything against the constitution but Congress changed over half of what Thomas Jefferson wrote.

Who did George Washington mare?

Gorge Washinton did not mare anyone or anything. George Washington married someone named Martha Washington.

Did George Washington discover anything?

he discover persher

Was George Washington called the father of the constituton?

No. George Washington was called the father of America. The father of the constitution was James Madison.

What president was first called Mr President?

George Washington accepted this title. He did not want to be called "Your Highness" or anything that sounded like a king's title.

What did George Washington call Connecticut?

george washington called connecticut the _____ state

What are the three George Washington monuments?

Besides the Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, Washington, D.C and Washington State can be called permanent memorials to George Washington.

Did George Washington have anything special about his appearance?

Wooden teeth.

Does the George Washington Bridge connect to anything?

Nj and ny

What is the name of President George Washington's Monument?

It is called, Washington's Monument.