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the dark horse

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Q: James K. Polk's horse's name
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What is James k polks religin?

James K. Polk was a Presbyterian.

What was James k. Polks 1st job?


Who was James K. Polks friends?

Sara Naatz.

What were James K. Polks parents like?

very strict

Who was James K. Polks opposing candidate?

henry CLAY

James K. Polks running mate?

George Dallas of Pennsylvania

What was James k Polks favorite movie?

James K. Polk died about a half century before the invention of the movie.

What is the most important event in James K. Polks life?

Manifest destiny

What are the main plank of James K. Polks 1844 political platform?

Supported expansion

James K. Polks favorite food?

I know he loved chocolate caramel fingers

Why did some politicians support James K. Polks interest in annexing Oregon?

He belived in Manifest Destiny-nova net

Who was in James K. Polks family?

He had 9 brother and sisters.his family was loving careful and nice. They got taken care of very well.