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Our 11th President James K. Polk.
James K. Polk
james k polk
James K. Polk

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jAMES smoker polk

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Q: Who was the US President when gold was found at Sutters mill in 1848?
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In 1848 James marshall found gold at James sutters mill?

James Marshall found gold in the year of 1848.

Why was Sutters mill important?

It was the place were they found the gold and the Gold Rush's starting point (January 24, 1848).

Where was gold found in 1849 to start the gold rush?

Sutters Mill.

Why is it called 'sutters folly'?

John Sutter thought he found gold but what he really found was fools gold so his friends called him foolish and he named thins town sutters folly.

Where was gold discover in California?

SanFrancisco California

In 1848 gold was discovered at Sutters Mill in California sparking a migration that brought 300000 new residents to the area looking for riches What was the nickname given to these gold lovers?


When was Gold Discovered in Sutter's mill?

John A. Sutter and James W. Marshall. See the Related Link.Actually, John A Sutter and James W Marshall both DIDNT discover it together. However, It was Sutter's Mill. But Marshall discovered the gold. Found Gold!!!!

What was found in California in 1848?


What is James marshall known for on john sutters ranch in California?

He's found gold while working on his land. The Gold Rush

Who was the us president when the gold was found at sutter's mill in 1848?

Our 11th President James K. Polk.James K. Polkjames k polkJames K. Polk

Why is Sutters Mill important in history?

Sutter's Mill was the first place that gold was discovered in California. The discovery in 1848, was the beginning of what is called the California Gold Rush. It was important as it increased the population of California dramatically and that population was a mixture of not only Americans, but it brought new immigrants from many parts of the world.

Who discovered the first gold nugget?

If you are asking the first gold nugget ever found, then there is no way to know. In the California Gold rush, however, the first nugget was found on January 24, 1848, by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill, in Coloma, California.