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To spy on them

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Q: Johnny Tremain why did johnny agree to deliver messages by horseback for the British officers?
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Who is the antagonist in Johnny Tremain?

The British

What did Johnny Tremain do to help the Sons of Liberty?

Johnny Tremain would deliver secret messages in code to the group "The Sons of Liberty". These messages would contain information like when and where the next meeting would be held.

What is johnny's role in the spy system set up by paul revere Johnny Tremain?

he's is a messenger and he usually sends messages and spys giving word of what the british are doing

What did Johnny Tremain do?

he rode for the Boston Observer and for the british.

Does Johnny Tremain the novel have any antagonist?

the British Army

How did Johnny Tremain die?

Johnny Tremain did not die in the book. His friend Rab Silsbee died of internal bleeding caused by the shot of a British soldier.

What is the Somerset in the book Johnny Tremain?

In the book "Johnny Tremain," the Somerset is a British warship that is depicted as having a notorious reputation for its role in enforcing British naval power and authority over the American colonies. The Somerset plays a significant part in the story as it serves as a symbol of British oppression and tyranny.

For the Book Johnny Tremain Who is the Pumpkin what role does he play?

Lt. Pumpkin in the book Johnny Tremain Who was a British soldier. Johnny helps him desert from the army. Later, Pumpkin is captured by the enemy and executed.

What is the scarlet dragon in johnny tremain?

In "Johnny Tremain," the scarlet dragon is the symbol of the Sons of Liberty, a secret organization that opposes British rule in colonial America. Members of the Sons of Liberty display the scarlet dragon on their flags and badges as a show of their defiance against British rule.

What information does Johnny get from dove in Johnny Tremain?

Johnny finds out different secrets that the british told Dove about because he is a barn boy to the british people

In Johnny Tremain where does uncle lorne hide from the british soldiers?

Uncle Lorne hid in the bushes from the British soldiers

Who is Sergeant Gale in Johnny Tremain book?

Sargeant Gale is a British soldier who goes marry Madge Lapham