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The United States Congress has two houses. The first is the Senate, and the second is the House of Representatives.

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Q: Legislatures which have two houses or chambers are?
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Did bicameral legislature is made up of two houses?

Bicameral means that there are two houses or chambers. If the legislature had three houses or chambers, it would be called tricameral.

What are the features of unicameral legislatures?

A bicameral (state) legislature consists of two ("bi") chambers ("camer") and thus is "two-chambered" (bicameral). In the USA those two chambers are the Senate and the House of Representatives.( See also: bicameralism)

What is the US Congress two house legislature called?

The two houses legislatures are: House of Representatives Senate

What does it mean when Most states established bicameral legislatures which means what?

It just means they have two chambers. See? Its easy!

What are the leaders of houses of representatives in states legislatures called?

Representatives is the name given to the leaders of houses of representatives in the states legislatures.

How many houses is congress composed of?

There are two legislative chambers - the House of Representatives and the Senate.

How many legislatures make up New Mexico?

one,the state legislature of two houses

Constitutional amendments can be proposed by a two-thirds vote of?

Both houses of Congress

Structure of legislatures with two houses?

Bi-cameral. A legislature with just one house is: Uni-cameral

What is the characteristic of having two houses branches or chambers such as the US government?


What time of legislatures did most staes estabalish?

Bicameral. That means they have two houses, like the senate and the house of representatives.

What is the best definition of bicameral?

having two branches, chambers, or houses, as a legislative body.