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Abe lived in Illinois.

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Q: Lincoln and his wife and family lived in what state?
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What is unusual about the family Lincoln married into?

his wife family owned slaves

What state was Mary Todd-Lincoln from?

Abraham Lincoln's wife was from Kentucky.

Who lived in the white house with Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln lived with his wife, Mary, and his son, Tad. His Willie lived with him until he died. His oldest son, Robert was there, when he was not away in college or in the army. His wife's half-sister, Emilie Todd Helm and her daughter, Katie, lived with them for a winter after her husband was killed.

Who lived in palace?

The queen and her family.

Was Abraham Lincoln's wife from Lexington Kentucky?

Yes! Mary Todd Lincoln was born and lived in Lexington, Ky. One of the houses she lived in is available for tours on Main Street.

Was Lincoln family with him when he got shot?

When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated he was accompanied by his wife Mary Todd Lincoln at Ford's theater.

Does James Lincoln Collier have a family?

yes he had three children and a wife

Who was Abraham Lincoln's wife?

Abraham Lincoln's wife was named Mary Ann Todd(1818-1882). She was from well- established Kentucky family from Lexington, KY.

Who was Lincoln's only son who lived to maturity?

Robert Todd Lincoln was the only son of President Abraham Lincoln to live to maturity. President Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, had four sons. Tad Lincoln lived to the age of 18, while Edward and Willie both died in childhood.

How old was Abraham Lincoln when the family moved to Illinois?

Before being elected president, Lincoln and his family lived in Springfield, Illinois. During his presidencies, they lived in the White House, Washington, D.C. After Lincoln was assassinated, his wife and surviving sons lived in Chicago. Mary Todd Lincoln spent several years living in Europe. Their son, Robert, the only Lincoln child to survive into adulthood, lived in Chicago, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and England as an ambassador.

How did poe meet his wife?

Edgar Allan Poe Lived with their family

Were did Lincoln live for most of life?

he lived in Illinois most of his life. with his wife Mary and their 4 boys.