Lincolns famous proclamtion

Updated: 4/28/2022
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His most noted proclamation was the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery in the states that had seceeded. (Not in the states still in the Union.

I assume you mean that and not the Gettysburg Address, his most famous speech.

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Q: Lincolns famous proclamtion
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Where was lincolns famous speech?

His famous speech was in Gettysburg (The Gettysburg Address).

Some of lincolns famous statements?

i like cheese is his most famous statement

What was lincolns most famous accomplishment?

The American Civil War

How does abraham lincolns famous speech start?

see Gettysburg Address

What famous railroad system did congress charter during Lincolns administration?

transcontinental railroad

In Abraham lincolns famous lyceum address he compared dedication to one's country to?

a religion

What was lincolns famous proclamatiopn during the civil war?

Emancipation Proclamation, which abolished slavery in the United States.

Lincoln Memorial which of lincolns famous speeches is carved in marble on the south side of the memorial?

The Gettysburg Address

Who are some famous authors of the 1800's that was lincolns favorite?

Edgar Allan PoeCharles DickensLowellWhittierWhitmanFrederick DouglassFrances Sargent OsgoodMargaret FullerFamous authors of the 1800's

Where does Abraham Lincoln live now or is he deceased?

The famous US President Abraham Lincoln died in 1865. There are probably a fair number of non-famous Abraham Lincolns living whose parents decided to saddle them with that name.

What happened in Lincolns life that helped him become famous?

Becoming president of the United States and being President during the Civil War. Also the first President to be assassinated.

How do you celebrate Abraham Lincoln's life?

President Lincoln is famous for leading the nation through the American Civil War, the most significant constitutional, moral, and political crisis.