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pole reversals

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Q: Magnetic Stripping is Evidence of
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What evidence shows that earth's magnetic field changes?

One piece of evidence is the study of ancient rocks that show reversals in magnetic orientation. Another evidence comes from observations of the movement of the magnetic poles over time. Additionally, observations of magnetic anomalies in the Earth's crust provide further evidence of changes in the magnetic field.

What is evidence that an electrical current produces a magnetic field?

The deflection of a magnetic compass in the presence of an electric current, is evidence that an electric current produces a magnetic field.

What is magnetic striping evidence?

Magnetic reversals and sea floor spreading.

What Magnetic striping evidence of?

Magnetic reversals and sea floor spreading.

What is magnetic striping evidence of?

Magnetic reversals and sea floor spreading.

What evidence is there on earth having a magnetic field?

To start if we didnt have a magnetic field we would be fried by the suns radiation. The northern lights are evidence that we have a magnetic field surrounding earth.

How does magnetic fields protect your solar system?

The magnetic field of Earth prevents the solar wind from easily stripping off the atmosphere and leaving the planet dry and arid like Mars.

Is there any evidence that Titan have a magnetic field?

no it does not

What do magnetic anomalies provide evidence of?

seafloor spreading

What was the theory that was shown to be correct by age evidence and magnetic clues?

The theory that was confirmed by age evidence and magnetic clues is the theory of plate tectonics. Evidence such as the ages of rocks on either side of ocean ridges and the alignment of magnetic minerals in oceanic crust support the idea that Earth's lithosphere is broken into rigid plates that move and interact with each other.

What evidence do you see in the sky when the solar magnetic storms break through your magnetic shield?

i need the answer too

How does magnetic reversals provide evidence for seafloor spreading?

Because of the stripes at the sea floor which are magnetic minerals