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pole reversals seafloor spreading

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Pole reversals

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Q: Magnetic striping is evidence of
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What is magnetic striping evidence?

Magnetic reversals and sea floor spreading.

What Magnetic striping evidence of?

Magnetic reversals and sea floor spreading.

Magnetic striping of evidence of?

Magnetic reversals and sea floor spreading.

What is magnetic striping evidence of?

Magnetic reversals and sea floor spreading.

What causes the magnetic striping noticed about the mid ocean ridges?

These "stripes" formed the pattern known as magnetic striping. ... They hypothesized that the magnetic striping was produced from the generation of magma at mid-ocean ridges during alternating periods of normal and reversed magnetism by the magnetic reversals of the Earth's magnetic field.

What structure on the seafloor would have magnetic striping?


What concepts did magnetic striping reveal to scientists about the rock on either side of a spreading ridge?

The pattern of magnetic striping on one side of the ridge was a mirror image of the striping on the other side of the ridge, indicating that the plates were moving equally in opposite directions, giving a plausible explanation for continental drift theory. Before this discovery, no evidence of a mechanism for plate tectonics existed. It was obvious after this discovery, that new crust was being created at the ridges.

How was magnetic striping used to explain age of the seafloor?

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What struture on the seafloor would have magnetic striping?

The Mid Ocean Ridge would have magnetic striping. As the seafloor expands, new oceanic crust is spread in either direction. As this process continues over many years, the magnetic poles may switch, altering the magnetism in the new crust. The poles will switch back and forth, producing the magnetic striping that is easily discernible when examining the Mid Ocean Ridge and surrounding seafloor.

Magnetic striping is a part of?

Magma contains many materials which are magnetically affected. When this magma is ejected from the mantle and begins forming new crust, these materials align to the earth's magnetic field. The crust hardens, and the magnetic alignment is fixed (just as in normal magnets, made by using a similar process). The magnetic fields are 'visile' in strips of material, hence the term 'magnetic striping'. seafloor spreading

What is evidence that an electrical current produces a magnetic field?

The deflection of a magnetic compass in the presence of an electric current, is evidence that an electric current produces a magnetic field.

What did harry hess propose?

Harry Hess proposed an explanation that tied together data on the age of ocean rocks, sediment thickness, and magnetic striping.