Maria Cantwell's political party

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she is a democrat just like Patty Murray

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Q: Maria Cantwell's political party
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What is the plural of political party?

The plural of political party is "political parties".

Will a schism in a political benefit the party?

No, a division in a political party will not benefit the party.

In which type of primary do you have to register by political party?

In a political primary, you have to register by political party.

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Yes, he was in a political party

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A Political Party was created in 1934.

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The Republicans are a political party. The political party had grown around the concept of environmental awareness.

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The political party of Abdullah Gül is AK Party

How would you use political party in a sentence?

There are two political party in the usa and they are the republican party and the democratic party

What des political party mean?

political party means an organization to gain political power

What was Hitler's political party?

Hitlers political party was the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi party.

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Yes, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is a political party in India.

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