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upstanding, honorable, worthy, good neighbor, participating, etc.

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Q: Mark had been a resident of Larchmont for 17 years and the local folks thought of him as a solid citizen the word solid probably means?
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Mark had been a resident of lARCHMONTfor 17yrs and local folks thought of him as a soild citizen. in this sentence the word soild probably means?

Soiled means dirty, literally marked with dirt. Solid Citizen means one who can be relied upon to not deviate from the locally accepted moral codes. Of course, local social codes vary from place to place, so a Solid Citizen in Kansas may not be considered Solid in Uzbekistan.

Mark had been a resident for 17 years and local folks thought of him as a solid citizen in this sentence the word soild probably means A heavy B indestructible C dependable D older?


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