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Its based upon four things.

1) their own interests or expertise

2) the power and influence the position brings.

3) reelection incentives.

4) opportunities for pork

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Q: Members of congress seek committee assignments based on what?
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Why do PAC contributions tend to reflect the committee assignments of members of Congress?

Because people try to legislators off based on what type of legislation they can advance to benefit them.

How many members of Congress are there in New York?

Varies based on committee assignments, chairmanships and whether assemblyman is in majority.

What does the seniority system do for congress?

Seniority is important in Congress because it provides a better chance for individuals to become heads of important committees. This in no way necessarily helps voters. In fact seats in Congress that don't turn over are generally seats where the incumbent takes too much for granted.

What is committee membership based on in Congress?

Personal interests and seniority.

What are some of the criteria for getting a committee assignment?

Committee assignments in organizations or government bodies are typically based on factors such as expertise in a specific area, seniority, willingness to serve, relationships with leadership, and overall contributions to the group. Members may also express interest in certain committees or be chosen by leadership based on their skills and background.

How does the reader know that the committee chooses Assignments very carefully in the giver?

In "The Giver," the reader can infer that the committee chooses assignments carefully based on the rigorous selection process and the importance of matching each individual's traits with their role in the community. The emphasis on precision and thorough evaluation of each person's abilities suggests that the committee takes great care in making these decisions. Additionally, the serious tone and strict rules in the community indicate the significance of these assignments.

How do elders make assignments in the giver?

In "The Giver," assignments are made by a group of elders known as the Committee of Elders. They carefully observe and assess each individual's strengths, weaknesses, and aptitudes before assigning them a role in the community based on their suitability. The assignments are meant to best serve the needs of the community as a whole.

Who decides each twelves assignment in the book the giver?

The Committee of Elders, a group of older community members in charge of decision-making, assign roles to each Twelve based on their aptitudes and traits. The assignments are determined through a process of observation, evaluation, and matching individual strengths with community needs.

What immunities do members of congress have?

The purpose is to prevent the arrest and prosecution of unpopular legislators based on their political views.

The house of congress with the fewest members?

In the United States government, we have two Houses in the Legislative branch. These two Houses are the House of Representatives and the Congress. By definition, Congress has only two members per state (so, 100 members). The House of Representatives has the number of members based on the population of the states they represent. I think they have around 500 members, but don't quote me on that. So, if I understand what you're asking, the Congress is the house with the least members. I hope that helps. U.S. SENATE,ONLY 100 MEMBERS

In addition to serving as lawmakers members of Congress are also?

Besides just making the laws, the members of Congress are given special duties based on the house they are a member of. Both houses have special duties when it comes to impeachment.

What members of the congress elected from a state depends on the population?

The Senate elects two members from every state no matter the population. The House of Representatives elects members based on population.