Monotony in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  • Monotony of daily life.
  • Sir arthur had spent many a long weekend with his friend at bridewell, hoping to relieve the monotony of city life.
  • Public speaking is something that comes round with regular monotony.
  • Monotony of a long day in front of the computer like a wad of paper falling through a cheering basket.
  • Nothing breaks the monotony of a long day in front of the computer like a wad of paper falling through a cheering basket.
  • Yet second-hand romance and second-hand emotion are surely better than the dull, soul-killing monotony which life brings to most of the human race.
  • Monotony of work.
  • Their design set out to avoid the monotony of the uniform grid plans of the nineteenth century housing.
  • Rational monotony: if γ a, then either γ ∪ { b } a or γ ¬ b.
  • Monotony of this vast landscape, the poachers are able to relocate and recover the ivory months or even years later.
  • Changes in color along a corridor help reduce monotonyand oppression.
  • Blamgrab came out of his tower, muttering profusely about the endless monotony of the " egg and sandwich theory " .
  • Monotony of existence at the local paper.
  • From this point i am able to quote from the journal which i kept in order to vary the monotony of the long sea-voyage.
  • Now the darkness seemed to completely surround us, not a glimmer, or even a building to break the sheer monotony.
  • Monotony of training.
  • Many people choose driving instruction to escape the monotony of a 9 to 5 office or factory based job.
  • Character of the newer attic comedy the pieces are of tiresome monotony.
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Q: Monotony in a sentence
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How can you use monotony in a sentence?

There was a sign of monotony in her voice.

How do you put monotony in a sentence?

The monotony filled the crowd with glee.

A sentence for the word monotomy?

If you mean "monotony," than a sentence could be: "The monotony of my days is slowly driving me crazy."

What is a sentence with the word 'monotony'?

i need a vacation. I am tired of this Monotony.

How can you use monotony and boredom in a sentence?

The monotony of boredom sunk into my head as I stared at the blankness of the wall.

How do you use the word monotony in a good sentence?

If I were to eat a hamburger every day, the monotony would be boring.

How do you use the word monotony in a sentence?

The professor's lecture are known for their monotony.The monotony of the Antarctic winter can be depressing for some resident scientists.Some people can't stand the monotony of everyday life.The monotony of her voice drives me mad.

What is a good sentence using the word monotony in it?

The monotony of his daily routine was starting to wear on him, prompting a desire for change.

How do you make a sentence with monotony?

Basically, you say the entire sentence without any variance in tone. No upturning of your words. Watch an episode of Daria, that's how you make a sentence with monotony. Unless, you're asking how to form a sentence that is in itself monotonous. In that case, you can't really because that's much more subjective.

What is a word for a lack of variety in certain task?


What is the monotony avoidance?

Monotony avoidance is the need for change and action.

How do you spell monotony?

That is the correct spelling of "monotony" (tedium, boredom).