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Louis XIV of France, also known as 'Louis the Great' was the king of that country from the year 1643 until his death in the year 1715. When he was four years old, he fell seriously sick, fearing the worst, his father named a regency council, and his mother, the Queen Anne, the head of the council. This was in effect until the year 1661.

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Anne of Austria

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Anne of Austria.

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Q: Mother of Louis XIV regent for her son 1643-1661?
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Mother of Louis XIV regent for her son 1643- 1661?

Anne of Austria.

Who ruled for Louis XIV?

His mother Anne of Austria was the Regent, but Cardinal Mazarin had been entrusted with the power until his death.

Was Phillip II and Louis XIV related by marriage or by blood?

Depends which Philip II you mean. Philippe II of Orléans, Regent during the minority of Louis XV, was Louis XIV's brother. Philip II of Spain was the grandfather of Anne of Austria, mother of Louis XIV. The relationship is by blood in both cases.

Who ruled france when louis XIV was too young to make decisions?

Louis XIV's mother, Anne d'Autriche (English: Anne of Austria), queen consort of Louis' late father, was regent from 1643 until 1651, when Louis reached the legal age of 13. She went on participating to the King's council for ten years.

Who was the mother of Louis XIV?

Queen Anne of Austria.

Who ruled France during 1643?

Louis XIII ruled until his death on 14 May 1643 and it was followed by four year old Louis XIV. His Mother Anne of Austria ruled as his regent with the aid of Cardinal Mazarin until his majority.

Did Louis XIV marry his mother?

No, he had a mother who happened to have the same name as his wife!

Who is King Louis XIV's great-grandson?

Only counting the legitimate line: Louis XIV's grandsons were Louis Duke of Burgundy, Philip V of Spain and Charles Duke of Berry, who were the sons of his only son Louis the Dauphin (Crown prince). Sadly, Both the Dauphin and his eldest son the Duke of Burgundy died before Louis XIV, leaving the elderly king's only heir and eventual successor to be his toddler great-grandson Louis Duke of Anjou who ascended as Louis XV when Louis XIV died in 1715. And yes, contrary to popular belief Louis XV is not the son of Louis XIV but rather his great-grandson

Who was Louis XIV mother?

Queen Anne of Austria.

What was the name of Louis XIV's mother?

She was the Spanish born Anne of Austria.

What King is called the Sun King?

King Louis XIV.

Is Louis XIV single?

No, Louis XIV is not single.