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George Washington was the owner of the Mount Vernon estate located in Virginia along the Polomac River about 10-miles upstream from Washington, DC.

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Mount Vernon is located in Virginia. It was the home of President George Washington, the first president of the United States.

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Q: Mount vermon was the home of which president?
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Where did George Washington go after the war?

Back home to Mount Vermon(to see his family)

Where was George Washington buried after he died?

Mount Vermon,Virgina

Is mount vernen george washingtons birthplace?

Yes but you spelled vermon

Home of President Washington?

Mount Vernon.

What was the home of George Washington before he was president?

Mount Vernon Mount Vernon

What state is the Peabody Conservatory located in?

The peabody conservatory is located in the Mount Vermon neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. It mainly focuses on training and educating musicians of any age.

Where is the Heritage Museum Of Vermon in Waitsfield Vermont located?

The address of the Heritage Museum Of Vermon is: Po Box 1266, Waitsfield, VT 05673-1266

Was Washington's beautiful home when he returned after his second term as president called monticello?

No, it was called Mount Vernon. Jefferson's home was Monticello.

Which president is buried at his home Mount Vernon in Virginia?

George Washington is buried in a tomb at Mount Vernon, his plantation in Virginia.

What was the name of the home George Washington lived in before becoming the US President?

His Plantation was called Mount Vernon and he lived there also when he left the Office of President.

Family info about George Washington?

some information on George Washington's family is ,he has a wife named Martha Custis and they had no children together. George Washington's father died and mother.him and Martha moved together to Mount Vermon.

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Matthew Lyon, a Vermon congressman was locked up for saying the John Adams should be sent to a madhouse.