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Dear sir plz see the all details and reply me Ref.: Final Payment Approval Notice.

Full Payment Valued USD$10, 500, 000.00.

Payment Reference Number CBN/NAT793/XXCL870/09



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Q: Name of Foreign remittance department head?
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Is any one by the name of Mr Crystal Harris the head of operations of the foreign remittance dept work at your branch - 1 Churchill Place London?

Probably not. It sounds like a scam.

Major department head in charge of foreign dealings?

Secretary of State

What cabinet department is the secretary of state the head of?

The secretary of state heads the state department which is charged with foreign affairs,

Does the US Foreign Service pay salaries?

The United States Foreign Service is part of the US State Department. This Department is headed by an executive department head that reports to the US president. The Foreign Service uses the same pay grades as other parts of the Federal governments salary scales.

Who is in charge of carrying out America's foreign policy relationships?

Department of State Relations A.K.A Head of State

What is Hillary Clinton's job as Secretary of State?

She is responsible for foreign policy, and is the head of the United States Department of State.

What is the major department head who is appointed by the president to deal with foreign countries?

The Secretary of State, currently Hillary Clinton.

Which Department aids the President with foreign affairs?

The Department of State aids the President with foreign affairs, managing diplomatic relations, negotiating treaties, and representing the U.S. abroad.

Which executive department is responsible for establishing foreign policy setting up embassies and issuing passports?

The Department of State, whose head is the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Secretary of state when was this position created?

The Second Continental Congress created the Department of Foreign Affairs on January 10, 1781, and George Washington signed a bill creating the position of Secretary of Foreign Affairs to head this department on July 27, 1789. On September 15, 1789, George Washington approved a Congressional law adding certain domestic duties to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. The name was changed to the Department of State, headed by the Secretary of State. As the current Secretary of Foreign Affairs at the time, John Jay became the first Secretary of State, and held this position until March 22, 1790.

Is mr Robert Kennedy head of foreign operations of santander UK plc London?

No. It's a scam. There is no such department at that bank.

What is the name of the group of executive department head who advise the president?

The Cabinet.