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to receive an education and to own a passport

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Q: Obligations of a Chinese citizen
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What is our obligations as a responsible and active American citizen?

Your only OBLIGATIONS as a citizen are to vote and to serve on a jury when called.

What family obligations did Chinese person have?

They had many obligations.

What are the obligations of a German citizen?

The obligations are actually the duties of a German citizen. Hope this was helpful!

Civil responsibilities are the obligations which each citizen has to the?


What are the obligations of the nigeria government towards its citizens discuss on it?

what are the obligations of the nigeria govrnment towads its citizen discuss on it

Obligations each citizen has to the nation are known as?

The obligations each citizen has to the nation are known as citizenship rights. This mainly include protecting the nation in all ways by being patriotic.

Rights duties and obligations of a canadian citizen?

Respect others.

Would you identify yourself as a Hong Kong citizen Chinese citizen Hong Kong Chinese citizen Chinese Hong Kong citizen why?

if u ask where i come from i'll say hong kong but wt nationality i'll say chinese

What is the role of citizen's?

to obey rules obligations andwelfares of d country

Can a Chinese join the marines?

If the Chinese person in question is an American citizen, yes. A citizen of China cannot.

Who is called a citizen?


What is Chinese hell?

Chinese don't have hell... as a Chinese citizen, I've never heard...