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what does commmunity means ? well community is like a city but not a city so yea. you like should ask your teacher what doe sit mean . well i know what it means but i dont know how to explane im sorry if your really loking for it bye.

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Q: Participation is the means for community development or an end itself?
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Meaning of national development?

Means development in infrastructure such as road,schools and hospitals in a country.

Why is development important in the world at present?

Development means the positive change that improves the living standard of people. It is very much important for the progress of a country. It signifies progress and growth of a country.

Who are tribal people?

tribal people are those people who live in forest in a community in a traditional manner. it means of a group of linked or related families.

How does the concept of capabilities to function help us gain insight into development goals and achievements?

I would like to explain this answer with an example. Suppose that a person has a bike and does not know how to drive it. its means his functions abilities are very low. Amartiya Sen wants to tell us that we should use the commodities by knowing all the functions related to it.As Amartya Sen said, "Economic growth cannot be sensibly treated as an end in itself. Development has to be more concerned with enhancing the lives we lead and the freedom we enjoy. and in the next question, money is really not enough. Freedom and self-esteem and equality to lead life and enjoy life and use the life in the best way is also a part of development. Money is enough only to enhance the freedom of choice but not the development. In development, your function abilities should be increases as much as possible.

What does it mean to live in a global village?

Global village, is the term used to describe the world shrunk into a village by the means of the different media types, most especially the World Wide Web, making it easy to pass across messages (like the news), thereby making the world become like a single village where people can easily contact each other quicker.

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Is participation an end or means to development?

Participation is both an end and a means to development. As an end, it reflects the value of inclusive decision-making and empowerment of individuals and communities. As a means, participation can lead to more sustainable development outcomes by ensuring that interventions are appropriate and accepted by the people they are meant to benefit.

What word means Ecological development of a community?

I think it means succession.

What does 'citizen participation' mean?

Citizen participation refers to the involvement of individuals in the decision-making processes of their community or society. It allows citizens to have a voice in issues that affect them, promoting democracy and transparency in governance.

How is culture and Development related?

The relationship between culture and development comes from perceptions and beliefs. Some cultures are viewed as being more advantageous for community development than others.

What is co-parenting?

For more information about COPAR, please visit: (Community Organizing Participatory Action Research) is a social development approach that aims to transform the apathetic, individualistic and voiceless poor into dynamic, participatory and politically responsive community.IMPORTANCE OF COPAR COPAR is an important tool for community development and people empowerment as this helps the community workers to generate community participation in development activites. COPAR prepares people to eventually take over the management of a development program in the future.COPAR maximizes community participation and involvement: community resources are mobilized for health development services.PRINCIPLES:# People especially the most oppressed, exploited and deprived sectors are open to change, have the capacity to change and are able to bring about change. # COPAR should be based on the interest of the poorest sector of the community. # COPAR should lead to a self-reliant community and society.CRITICAL STEPS (ACTIVITIES): * Integration * Social Investigation * Tentative program planning * Groundwork * The meeting * Role Play * Mobilization or action * Evaluation * Reflection * Organization Community Organizing Participatory Action Research (HRDP III-COPAR) is developed to make healt services accesible and available for depressed and underserved communities in the Philippines.

Importance of subsidiatry in community development?

Subsidiatry means that decisions will be made from a local level only if there is a demonstrated benefit or need.

What means describe your participation?

take it calmly

Insurance Cross Liability what does it mean and give some examples?

I think iit means the participation in aliability I think iit means the participation in aliability

What does civic participation means?

what does civic partipation mean

What is the concept of development?

Is not considered an end in itself, butrather a means for achieving betterand more equitable living conditionsfor human beings

Is the labor means to economic development?

No labor means not economic development.

What does centership mean?

Centership is a means to direct resources to and for the benefit of an organizational entity. For example, a "community centership", is an investment vehicle that takes in grants, loans and other resources for the benefit of a community. The United States Agency for International Development broke ground on community centerships in Namibiain in 2009.