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Q: Parties use this process to select a single candidate to run for each elective office?
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What is the opposite of incumbent party?

The party who does not have a 'the' candidate in office, incumbent means that that parties candidate already holds the office.

Process by which political parties select and offer candidates for public office?

The process by which political parties select and offer candidates for public office is known as candidate selection or nomination process. This process typically involves different stages such as vetting potential candidates, holding primary elections or caucuses, and ultimately selecting a candidate through party conventions or internal party processes. The ultimate goal is to choose the most qualified and party-aligned candidate to represent the party in the general election.

Can a military officer be a candidate for political office?

(in the US) I have never heard of, nor do I believe, that a member of the U.S. Military may hold elective office in this country, WITHOUT first resigning his commission.

What is a candidate?

A candidate is someone who runs for an office. He is said to be a candidate for that office.

What are different types of elections?

There are two kinds of elections in the US. General and Primary. a general election is used to fill an elective office, like mayor or senator. A primary election is one used by political parties to determine a candidate for a specific office, like president. There are different types of primary elections: closed--which means only members of the party can vote in the party primary: open--any voter can vote in any party primary: blanket--a form of open primary in which the voter marks a ballot that lists the candidates for nomination of all the parties, and you help select Democratic candidate for one office and Republican candidate for another office. There are several presidential primaries. A delegate selection only primary in which the voter selects delegates to the national convention. A delegate selection primary in which delegates indicate their choice for candidate but are not bound by their first choice. Binding presidential preference in which the delegate in bound to vote for the candidate they have indicated they support. elections primary n general for: within each party city office state office federal office

What is the difference between candidate and nominee?

A candidate is someone who is seeking a particular position or award, while a nominee is someone who has been officially proposed or suggested for a position or award. Essentially, a nominee is a candidate who has been selected as the preferred choice by a party or committee.

How do you gain office in the house of representatives?

Representatives are elected to a 2 year term of office; normally this involves winning a primary election to be the candidate of one of the two major parties, and then winning the general election against the other major party's candidate.

Can a felon hold elective office in Colorado?


A what is a person who seeks office?

A person who runs for public office is a candidate, like a presidential candidate.

What groups are organized back a particular candidate?

These are political parties. They include Republican, Democrat, and another third party. Each one will pick a candidate to run for political office under different ideologies.

What is a race between candidates for elective office?


What is the purpose of an election campaign?

The purpose of an election is to choose people whom they would like to represent them in office.