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Q: Regulating commerce within the states is a duty of?
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What are the duty of state?

The duty of the State Department of the United States is to perform diplomatic functions. The Secretary of State is the nation's chief diplomat and responsible for state international relations.

What is the first duty of the president?

The first duty of the President is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Before the President takes office he swears this oath on the Bible.

What are the things that states are prohibited from doing?

Three things that states are specifically forbidden to do include no duties on imports without Congress' approval, no duty on tonnage, ships of war, or troops, and no treaties. States are also forbidden to coin money or bills of credit.

What is first duty of a government?

The states have many responsibilities within government. They are responsible for administering decisions on roads, education, their justice system, public safety, collecting revenues, and implementing federal mandates.

Which of the following is not a duty of the President?

Even though this question fails to have specificity, it can be answered with regards to the United States. State governments do not have the authority or duty to enact legislation that is specified in the US Constitution to be the duty of the Federal government. For example, the creation of treaties between US states and foreign governments is a duty only allowed for the US government to handle. Another area lies in taxation. Tariffs are handled by the Federal government. US states have no role in tariffs.