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Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution discusses the roles and responsibilities of the states.

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Article 4 obtains the Relations among States.

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article IV

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Artical 4

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Q: Relations between the states is the topic of which article?
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What is the topic of Article IV?

Interstate Relations

What is the topic of article 4 of the US Constitution?

The relationships of states

What is the topic of Article IV of the Constitution?

article IV explains the relationship of the states to one another and to the national government . This article requires each state to give citizens of other states the same rights as its own citizens, addresses the admission of new states, and guarantees that the national government will protect the states.

What is the topic of Article 2 in the constitution?

The topic of article 2 in the constitution is about the Executive branch.

What is the main topic of the article?

Article I of the Constitution sets up the legislative branch of the government. It spells out the powers of Congress, delineating those that only Congress has and those the states do not.

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