Sentence for pertinent

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pertinent is an adjective which means relevant to a particular issue at hand. A sample sentence is: "It would be pertinent to follow the plan rather than do it haphazardly."

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Q: Sentence for pertinent
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How do you use pertinent in a sentence?

The details included had to be pertinent to our topic.

What is a good ten word sentence using pertinent?

The question you asked is pertinent to this WikiAnswers category.

A sentence with the word pertinent?

The witness offered very little information that was actually pertinent to our case.

Pertinent in a sentence?

That music video isn't very pertinent to math so dont watch it in class.

Put pertinent in a sentence?

The remainder of the day saw the attendees work within small groups discussing issues pertinent to their own practice.

How do you use the word pertinent in a sentence?

(pertinent means applicable, or germane)"The lawyer prepared for court by studying all of the pertinent legal decisions.""An ACT test score is one pertinent factor in determining your placement as a college freshman.""Your family medical history can be pertinent in maintaining your personal health.""The question about the democracy in ancient Greece was very pertinent to the discussion of modern day politics in the US."

What is a good sentence for the word pertinent?

Apposite is just another word for Pertinent. My mother told me that.

What is an example of a sentence containing pertient?

Jane's comment on Napoleon was pertinent to our discussion of French history.

What is correct pertinent with or pertinent to?

pertinent to.

What is a sentence using the word pertinent?

"Nobody likes to listen to my mother's stories because she doesn't know how to relate only the pertinent information, and instead rambles on incessantly."What Janie's mother allows her to do is not pertinent to what I will allow you and your brother to do."It's extremely important that a crime scene be left untouched, because even the smallest details could be pertinent to figuring out what happened.The fact that she is gay is not pertinent to her performance on the job.Details that might not seem pertinent to you could actually be very important, so it's crucial that you answer all of your doctor's questions truthfully.

What is a sample sentence using the word abridge?

When you want to abridge a story, you cut out unecessary information not pertinent to the central theme .

What is the pertinent history of a relationship between friends?

I have no idea, but what is ''pertinent history''?