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This is like the democracy that Americans have. They have three branches of government that work together, the legislative, congress, and judicial.

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Q: Separate institutions sharing power
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Two key elements of the Madisonian model were to what?

To keep most of the power outside of the majority and to separate the power into different institutions.

What are the difficulties of power sharing in India?

ifficulity in power sharing

What is the role of power sharing in national integration in India?

role of power sharing

How do you define vertical power sharing?

it is sharing of power at different level of governments

How is power sharing done in Lebanon?

Power sharing in Lebanon is genuine, and is not based on religion.

What is power sharing and why it is desirable?

Power sharingpower sharing is desirable as it helps us to make unity in our country .

What is the best way of power sharing?

The best way of power sharing is shoving all the leads up your booty

Is it necessary that the executive legislative and judicial powers of government belong to separate institutions?

Yes, it makes sure that no one branch has too much power. A king or dictator is not wanted.

Power sharing is good for democracy explain with example?

Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy.Power sharing is a good way to avoid political instability and hence to maintain political order in the country.The second major reason supporting power sharing has deeper motive in the spirit of democracy. Power sharing is effective as democratic rule involves sharing power with the affected people and those who have to live with its effects, so people have a right to be consulted on how they are to be governed

What is the difference between prudential and moral reasons for power sharing?

Prudential reason stress that power sharing will bring out better outcomes, whereas moral reasons emphasis the very act of power sharing as valuable.

What are the advantages of horizontal power sharing?

The power that is shared among different organs of government equally checking and balancing each other is horizontal power sharing

What is power sharing assembly?