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Second in line to the presidency is the Speaker of the House.

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Q: Should a president die in office which official succeeds the president if the vice president is unable to assume the role?
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Who succeeds the President if he is impeached and convicted?

If the President is impeached and convicted, the Vice President would succeed him. The Vice President would then assume the role of President for the remainder of the term.

Who was the first vice-president to automatically become president?

John Tyler was the first vice-president to assume the role of president.John Tyler was the first vice-president to assume the role of president.

When does the president assume the office of the President?

On January 20th

Inauguration and oath?

The constitution requires that before a President can assume their duties they have to take the oath of office. The oath is administered at the official ceremony, the inauguration. When the incoming President speaks the final words of the oath, their Presidency begins and the former President's term in office is officially over.

Who would assume the president if both the president and vice president died?

the Speaker of the House

Who the president when the president dies?

The vice president then becomes the president.The vice president would assume those duties.

Does the president pay for auto insurance?

If the president has an auto, then I would assume that he/she would.

Where there are no president and vice president?

The Speaker of the House is next in line to assume the power of the presidency.

If the president and vice president were to die who would assume the role of presidency?

Speaker of the House

Who are the officers of the house of representatives?

I assume you mean the Vice President and President Pro Tempour.

Who is the only vice president to assume the dutys of president then go back to vice president then become President in his own right?


Is the President of the Senate next in line after the US Vice-President to assume the duties of US President?

It is Speaker of the house I believe.