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No. Or at least, not as badly as they are currently doing.

If regulation is to be done, it should be done at the school district level rather than as a matter of federal law.

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Q: Should government regulate school lunches
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Why you should eat your school lunches?

You shouldnt! school lunches are really unhealthy. bring your own lunch.

Why should junior high lunches be changed?

It is because the unhealthiness of school lunches and of obesity and diabetes

Should school dinners have to serve healthy dinners?

they are healthier then school lunches

How might school lunches be funded?

School lunches are most commonly funded from the federal government. The National School Lunch Act was established by Congress in 1946 in order to ensure that school children would have a meal while at school.

How long should school lunches be?

1 hour AT LEAST

How much money does the government spend on school lunches in one year?

9.8 billion

How can you get michlle Obama to come to your school and inspect how healthy your lunches are?

Send her a lovely invitation saying how fit she is, and how she should come and see if your school lunches are "worthy"

Should middle schools have open campus lunches?

it depends on the school

We should get better food at school?

yes because some people get obese by school lunches

What are arguments against school lunches?

healthier lunches at school reduce bodyweight.

Why should school lunches be banned?

there are not healthy for you and can sometimes be expired or grow mold...cafeteria people are not responsible. sometimes can have bacteria. school lunches are not 100% safe.......made by nicole

Why you should not throw away your school lunches?

because u waste food.