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Valley Forge is where American troops spent a bitter, hungry, and dispiriting winter. Valley Forge is located in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Q: Site where the american army spent a bitter hungry and demoralizing winter in 1777?
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Where did American army spend a bitter hungry demoralizing winter in 1777 1778?

Valley Forge, Pa

Where did American army spend a bitter hungry demoralizing winter in 1777-1778?

Vally Forge PA

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What state did American troops camp at Valley Forge during the bitter winter of 1777-1778?

With the onset of the bitter winter cold, the Continental Army under General George Washington, still in the field, enters its winter camp at Valley Forge, 22 miles from British-occupied Philadelphia. Washington chose a site on the west bank of the Schuylkill River that could be effectively defended in the event of a British attack.

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What is place where General Washington kept his troops during the bitter winter of 1777?

Valley Forge, Pennsylvanua