Songs for recorder

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There's Hot Cross Buns, Gently Sleep, Merrily we roll along/Mary had a little lamb, It's Raining, Old Mcdonald, When the saints go marching in, twinkle twinkle little star,

Amazing Grace, Ode to Joy, Harry Potter theme song, Silent Night, and God Knows from the anime called the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Q: Songs for recorder
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What is the recorder notes for all the recorder note songs?

prayed and went to church

Is there any recorder songs that are Chinese?


Where can you find recorder songs?

on my cell phone. i make my own songs & listen to them before bed

What songs are there that can be played on the recorder?

Jingel bells ccdccdF# dcaabaeeabcdcac

Christmas songs on the recorder?

I managed to play "O Holy Night" on the recorder. That was the only one I actually attempted, but there's one for you.

How do you play we will rock you on a recorder?

How to find the songs that i wqnt but find it in numbers

What are the recorder songs for kids songs?

hot cross buns ode to joy in the jungle mary had a little lamb

How to play songs on the recorder?

To play Christmas songs on a recorder, you can purchase a music book with notes. Another option is to download Christmas recorder songs on the web. If pressed for time, you can even visit a music store for more tips and suggestions.

How do you play songs on the recorder?

B A G B A G G G G A A A B A G This is how to play hot cross buns on recorder

Beethoven songs on the recorder only letters no notes?

nope dont think so

How do you play Mary did you know on the recorder?

if you have just started playing the recorder I suggest that you begin by memorizing the notes then learning to read sheet music then paying songs. if your already good at playing the recorder try searching up: Mary did you know, recorder quartet on Musescore.

How do you download SEA songs to the regular Audition?

use recorder n record the whole song.(: