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Q: What are reggae songs about?
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What are some reggae songs in Italian?

Answer You can't get reggae songs in Italian as they don't exist or at least to my knowledge they don't exist. Italian songs are just that and Reggae songs aren't about Italians, they are about Blacks mostly in the West Indies.

What type of music does Bob Marley sing?

bob Marley sung reggae songs and was very famous for it.

What is the genre of big mountain songs?


What songs do they sing in jamica?

Mostly Reggae

Why are there vampires in reggae songs?

In reggae songs, vampires are representative of the corrupt people in power. The concept is that they suck the blood of the people, holding them down perpetually.

Why didn't Flava Flav do reggae?

Probably because he hates reggae. They should make a reggae remix of some of his hiphop-rap songs.

What songs duz Bob Marley sing?

He duz sing Reggae songs

Did Bob Dylan sing reggae?

probally No, however other reggae singers has recored covers of his songs.

Who sings reggae songs?

Bob Marley and UB40.

Is Eric clapton a reggae singer?

Yes, he is.... i think is reggae songs(mostly of them cover songs of Bob Marley). For example, I shoot the sherrif is a 100% reggae song... and Eric Clapton and his instruments do a well job with their version of this song, personally i think his musicians are responsable for the excellent songs. Question answered?

What is the best Reggae Christmas album?

The best Reggae Christmas album is generally considered to be "Reggae Christmas from Studio One". The album includes great Reggae Christmas songs such as "Sound the Trumpet" and "Christmas in Jamaica".

What type of group does the steel drum belong in?

it is used in almost, if not all, reggae songs