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The term techno-tyrannical society was first invented and coined by Ras Cardo Reggae from trench town Jamaica in his book- (c) 1993- Techno-tyrannical society- a Rasta prophesy. Babylon's genocidal plans to enslave humanity.

In this book Ras Cardo describes how technology will be used as a mark of the beast to destroy society. Those who are rich and can afford to use the technology to destroy the poor will do so.

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Ras cardo reggae was the first person to create and coin the term technotyrannical society. He has it copyrighted at the U.S. Library of Congress Copyrights office.

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Q: Who coined the term technotyrannical society?
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The technotyrannical profile was created by Ras cardo Reggae from his groundbreaking works on the book- The technotyrannical society. He was the first person to introduce this term to society and common knowledge and usage. Technotyrannical profile is a means to identify those who will use technotyranny to destroy society and others. It shows the evil traits common to those who will orchestrate the evils to destroy the society. It details how to identify them. His book- THE TECHNOTYRANNICAL PROFILE MANUAL- will become a standard precedent setting work will will revolutionize the way those who commit crimes with technology can be tracked and brought to justice. Ras cardo lists the traits to this type of "new psychology of evil" as he calls it. The book is only available at the moment by direct inquiries.

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