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Absolutely! Ecofeminism (or ecological feminism) is a relatively new field of feminist theory, and emphasizes the parallels between the abuse and misuse of women and their bodies by society throughout history to the abuse and misuse of nature and its resources by society. The term was coined in 1974 by feminist Francoise d'Eaubonne. Ecofeminism is an intersectional feminism, incorporating theory from anarchist feminists, radical feminists, culture feminists, etc.

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Q: Is environmentalism a feminist issue
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environmentalism is a religion because just like religion...a person also..follows environmentalism

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objective environmentalism is the power of people in which you are organized by them

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The representation of Third World women in Western feminist discourse. Muslim Women in America. Home Girls - A Black Feminist Anthology. Underserved or marginalized communities.

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Who is considered as environmentalism?

Environmentalism is a movement, not a person. If you want to identify a person who is involved with environmentalism, that person would be called an environmentalist. Some good examples are Ralph Nader, Al Gore, David Suzuki.

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A view of literature that allows the reader to focus on a specific issue in the text. (Apex)

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