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You are probably referring to the Supreme Court's verdict in the case of Dred Scott, a slave who applied for his freedom on the grounds that he had been employed by his master on free soil.

Unfortunately, he did not make his application until he was back in slave country, and the local courts did not know what to make of the situation. The Supreme Court ruled against Scott, claiming that that the Constitution protected a man's property, and slaves were undoubtedly property. This appeared to mean that slavery could not be banned from any state - a highly incendiary verdict. The Court also declared that a black man had no business suing a white man, which infuriated the Abolitionists, and raised the temperature of the already-overheated slavery debate.

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Q: Supreme court decision that has been handed down?
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The supreme court never reverses a decision once it has been made?

Not true. The Supreme Court has reversed many of its earlier decisions.

True or false the supreme court never reverses a decision once it has been made?


Can the president overide the us supreme court?

no... Once the U. S. Supreme Court makes a decision in the interpretation of a law or a part of the Constitution, a precedent is set, and their decision holds the same weight as the original law. The President can no more overturn a Supreme Court decision than he/she can make a new law without Congress. The President can, however, sign into law a bill that has passed both houses of Congress that repeals or modifies a law or Constitutional clause on which a Supreme Court decision has been rendered, thereby, in effect, overriding the Supreme Court.

How many changes have there been to the constitution so far?

So far there are 27 actual changes to the words in the constitution Changes are called "Amendments". However, the Supreme Court determines the meaning of the words in the Constitution and they by their rulings. have made de facto changes int the constitution. Once a Supreme Court decision is handed down on a constitutional issue, it can be cited just as if it were part of the Constitution .

What does an appallate court do with a case?

An appellate court reviews the decision rendered by the trial court to confirm there has not been an abuse of discretion and that the laws have not been incorrectly applied. After an appeal at the appellate court level, you can appeal to the state supreme court in many cases.

What is the effect on a lower court ruling when an appeal is pending before the US Supreme Court?

When an appeal is pending before the US Supreme Court, the lower court ruling is typically put on hold or stayed until the Supreme Court makes a final decision. This means that the lower court's ruling does not have immediate effect and is effectively paused until the Supreme Court resolves the case.

When has there been a Latter Day Saint in the Supreme Court?

Elder Dallin H. Oaks was a law clerk in the U.S. Supreme Court and later went on to be a justice in the Utah Supreme Court. There hasn't been an LDS U.S. Supreme Court justice of which I am aware.

What year did the US Supreme Court hand down its first opinion?

The US Supreme Court's first decision was released on August 3, 1791, in the case West v. Barnes, (1791).Although West was the first case argued before the Court, the opinion and other documentation has been lost, so the case is not published. The space it would occupy in US Reports, the official publication of US Supreme Court opinions, is in Volume 2 at page 401 (the front of the book contained Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions), where Oswald v. State of New York, 2 US 401 (1791) is printed.For more information, see Related Questions, below.

Would you rather be the President a Senator a Representative or a Supreme Court Justice?

I would have been and supreme court justice, not a president because it can be all hard work that's in your hands. I don't know what a senator is, but I would be supreme court justice because you get to speak out your mind and don't need to hear what people have to say and make your decision of what's right!

What Supreme Court decision established the Supreme Court power of judicial review?

To decide whether the preceding court correctly decided the case in accordance with law. The appellate court decides whether the preceding court's decisions correctly decided the law in accordance with the facts, whether there were serious errors, or whether the court did something wrong. If there are no errors the appellate court upholds or confirms the prior decision. Otherwise it sends it back to the trial court with instructions and potential retrial. Sometimes it finds the decision totally wrong and discards it altogether, potentially because the case should not have been tried or because there was no case.

What state supreme court is most often cited by other state supreme courts as authority?

According to the California Supreme Court Historical Society, the California Supreme Court has been the "most cited and followed" state supreme court since 1940.

What does Supreme Court judges do?

A Supreme Court judge hears cases that have been appealed. As the highest court in the nation, the goal is to uphold the Constitution.